We Have
We Have

Our management team

In addition to their academic background in their specific field, their industry leadership experience represents strength in this company. We have highly talented team and professionals employed to handle the work with accuracy and promptness

Strong human resources

we are dedicated to build and to maintain a high-performing workforce.

How it works

Our main objective is to meet increasing stakeholder’s demand for energy (oil, gas, petroleum products) in a principled and ecological way. We have been given the permission by the Dubai Economic Department and Dubai Chamber of Commerce to carry on the business, respecting its laws and regulations, we focus on these priorities:

Value to stakeholders & customers


It is our duty to supply the demand for energy with reasonable competitive prices.

Business ethics


We are committed to high moral standards, legal compliance and honesty in our business and dealings.

Guidance and engagement


We are devoted to offer the best quality with specific needs and to guide our stakeholders in a virtuous and professional way in order to build and maintain, a long business relationship


Buyers and Suppliers

Our company provides high quality products that are suitable for our national and international traders – partners worldwide through different channels of distribution.



We aim to contribute to communities, to the environment and to charity organizations, helping them to create a brighter and greener future.