Who we are?

Golden Land Development & Investment Limited was established in 2008 and incorporated with the other companies; we transform brownfield sites into construction-ready development plans, complete with planning-permission, infrastructure and networks to neighbouring urban areas. This overlay the way for exciting urban regions to develop. During the course of the entire development, we work carefully with local policy makers, public authorities and other investors.

One of our main projects is Golden Future which is designed to the highest standards, offering a previously unimagined lifestyle. From the incredible architectural style of each apartment to the breath-taking views life at Jumeirah Village is intended for people that seek luxury in a vibrant community. Offering a successful lifestyle; equipped with every amenity you need to make living a real pleasure.

Business Activities:

The intricate process begins with the development of a first usage idea, between site owner and municipality, and continues with market and location analysis, surveys and urban development competitions and ends in the development of a land-use plan. Planning agreements and land improvement contracts define the responsibilities of the owner and the municipality.

Generally, we sell construction-ready development plots complete with infrastructure to investors and developers in conclusion of the land-use plan.

Contact us

Jabel Ali Free zone, Jabel Ali
Building number 16
P.O. Box 380428
Dubai, UAE

Tel : +971 4 295 8132
Fax: +971 4 250 3757